I thank God for giving me this opportunity to share with you some of the precious thoughts of Lit-sen Chang (Zhang Lisheng). I have found his books to be most helpful in understanding my Western culture, Chinese culture, and how the Bible can help us critique our cultures. He has also helped me to understand how to share the gospel more effectively, especially with Chinese. 

These four lectures were first composed in English, and then translated into Chinese; what follows is the English original.

The first lecture will introduce Strategy of Missions in the Orient; the second lecture will review Zen-Existentialism; the third will cover Chang’s Critique of Indigenous Theology; and the last will compare him with his friend, Carl F.H. Henry, who in the opinion of many was the most outstanding American theologian of the twentieth century, and who encouraged Chang to write Zen-Existentialism: the Spiritual Decline of the West.

Chang is a learned and profound thinker. His writing, though eloquent and powerful, can sometimes be a bit hard to understand, and the topics he discusses are not simple and superficial, but very complex and deep. I believe you will find this to be worth the effort, however, because Chang is one of the most important Chinese theologians in history and he has a great deal to say to us today. 


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Lit-sen Chang

Lit-sen Chang


Lit-sen Chang: Evangelist, Apologist, Theologian, Prophet 


Four lectures on Lit-sen Chang and his writings.

Pages: 72